A Memorial Service,
Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand

In Memoriam of

A1C James E. Francis, 388th Security Police Squadron,
A1C James W. Reese, 388th Munitions Maintenance Squadron, and
A1C Frank A. Uhlic, Jr., 388th Munitions Maintenance Squadron

by Frank Paul
Korat Royal Thia Air Base - March 11, 1968

Airman's Medal, Purple Heart, Telegram, Page-1, Telegram, Page-2. President's Letter, Gravestone

My name is Frank Paul, I was at Korat Air Base, Thailand, in March of 1968, and I was on duty at the time A1C James E. Francis was killed. I still have a copy of the Memorial Service Pamphlet that was held for him at the base chapel, on 16 March 1968 (below photos).
      James E. Francis was killed along with James W. Reese of the 388th Maint. Munitions Squadron. A1C James Francis died in a very heroic way I thought, as he was on duty at the Munitions Bomb Dump which was approximately 3-4 miles off the installation. Francis was on two men Response Team patrolling the area with another SP, Sgt Miglarese, of Pennsylvania. While on patrol they were called to a certain bomb dump bunker, because the bombs had started fragmenting, and told to help the MMS troops out of the bunker. Sgt Miglarese got one man out and Airman Francis went in to rescue A1C Reese, but at that moment both Airmen were killed when the whole bunker went up.
      I also noticed that his name was not on the VSPA Medals roll of honor, I remember an assembly we had later and we were told Francis would be awarded the Airman's Medal. We thought he should be awarded something more but they told us this was the highest award he could receive, because he was not in a combat zone.
      Thanks for listening to what I had to say about this, I helped pack his footlocker to send home, and I just have not forgot the tragedy his family must of felt at the time.

Thanks again,

Frank Paul

A1C James E Francis (Korat Royal Thai Air Base March 1968) was an SP (81150), E3 (A1C) and assigned to the 388th SPS at Korat RTFB, Thailand at the time of his death. He was in service less than 2 1/2 years when killed. He was married but no children were listed.

http://www.vspa.comA1C James Francis, Letter   

http://www.vspa.comA Memorial Service, 16 March 1968    http://www.vspa.comMemorial Pamphlet, Page-2

Memorial Pamphlet, Page-3Memorial Pamphlet, Page-3

Memorial Pamphlet, Page-4Memorial Pamphlet, Page-4

Funeral at McConnell Air Force Base, Wichita, Kansas

Commander's Bomb Dump Incident Summary, May 1968 , by Col. Hansen

From: Bob Francis
Subject: James Edward Francis Web Page


I need your help. I am the brother of (then) A1C James Edward Francis, a security policeman who last served with the 388th Security Police Squadron, Korat AFB, Thailand in March 1968. Jim is featured on your web page: A Memorial Service.

Don, I would really like to contact Frank Paul, the fellow who told the story of my brother's death. I was literally stunned and overjoyed to know that someone who actually served with my brother can be contacted. Can you help me in this?

Secondly, I'd like to link one of my web pages dedicated to the life of my brother Jim to your web page--maybe just below the story by Frank Paul? The web page can be found at:

In Memorium to James Edward Francis, June 16, 1946 - March 11, 1968), by Robert E. Francis.

Thirdly, is it possible for me to receive the graphics from the web page about Jim? For some reason, I can't access them. Could you send them as an attachment to me?

I know this is asking a lot of you; however, I cannot help but to try to connect up with someone who knew Jim. Evidently, the event of Jim's death so deeply impacted Frank's life that, even after over thirty years, he feels the need to tell the story. I am so grateful that he remembers my brother and I want to tell him so.

Thanks for your time and dedication to those who served their country.

Bob Francis

Bob Francis, 1920A Butner St., Ft. Eustis, VA 23604
Shawhan Genealogy


Contacting Frank Paul, author of the page relating the heroic efforts of your brother, is as simple as clicking on his name. I know he will be happy to read about James' life, and also the family funeral for him. Frank did not have a photo of James, and I am sure Frank will appreciate your page that has photos of James.

149 Air/Security Police and Security Forces airmen and officers have been killed in action or line of duty. We will not forget them at VSPA, and it is our intent to tell the story to the fullest regarding every one of them. That much we must do for ourselves, and that much we want to do for those who loved them as family.

Attached are the photos you requested. I have added your email to Frank Paul's story of your brother. It is very rewarding to us all to know that you will be able to speak with him about James. I caution you that when this happens, be prepared for a release of emotion at both ends of the phone. For every other contact that I have known about, that has been the moment when a veteran really and truly feels... welcomed home. And for the family... joy their loved one was amongst friends and brothers bonded forever by that place called Vietnam.

We cannot forget. And while we live, their names will not fade away.

Don Poss


I would like to thank you for forwarding the info about James Francis brother , I met with him on Sat afternoon of this week, what a coming home experience this was, I have wanted to find someone close to him for thirty years and thanks to you and our organization it happened, I cant begin to explain the emotions and the self fulfilling experience it was, so Don, thank you , brother. Frank Paul


My brother Jim received an Airman's Medal for his heroic effort in attempting to save an airman's life in the bomb dump explosion at Korat Air Force Base, Thailand, March 11, 1968.  I have placed a graphic of the official orders on my web site.  The Orders

Please let me know what else you need to include Jim's name on your Airman's Medal of Honor roll.



P.S.--I have contacted Frank Paul and actually visited with him this weekend.  Great guy! and --yes-- it was pretty emotional.  Don, this would not have been possible had it not been for VSPA's web site.  Thanks again and may God continue to bless your efforts.

Bob Francis

From: Bandy John GS-07 37TRW/MU
Air Force Security Police Museum
Subject: A1C James E. Francis

Steve Ray: , Just wanted to let you know I've been in touch with Bob Francis, brother of A1C James E. Francis, who was killed in the line of duty and received the Airman's Medal (posthumously) for his heroism. I've added his name to the scrolls, and will place his picture in the Hall of Honor. Thanks for bringing him to my attention, and you can pass the word on to Don Poss.

Thanks again,

Lackland AFB,

Air Force Security Police Museum

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