Stars and Stripes!
submitted by Bob Potter , Vestal, NY
USAF 6988th SS.

I am sending in Stars and Stripes (Air Edition) from 2JUL65 (the day after the sapper attack) which I cut out and kept, describing the attack on Đà Nàng. It states in the opening that one Air Policeman, standing guard near the south end of the field, was killed when the suicide squad sprayed his post with small arms fire. I was surprised at how yellow the headline article came out. Guess something 43 years old is going to show it's age. Not like you and I!

Also have some pictures from the Bangkok Post of the damaged and destroyed aircraft. Since these are old newspaper articles and obviously in delicate condition, I will send a copy. I don't have a scanner and am new to the computer. Also, have not gotten to my slides out yet as job search is "Number One" at the present time. By the way, my best buddies are Marines and am looking forward to possibly becoming an associate member of their local shooting team.

My Club Cards I had laminated last year as they were getting pretty frayed. I was surprised at how yellow the headline article came out since I asked to have it done in color because of the Stars and Stripes on the front. Guess something 32 years old is going to show it's age. Not like you and I! Have no aerial pictures of the Air Base, just some of the coast and villages we flew over during takeoff. Was on the site this afternoon enjoying the pictures since they were so familiar. You really have done a great job on the Web Site! Wife and I were at fellow Viet Vet's home this evening for a swim and that sort of did us in.

Robert C. Potter

Bangkok Post Article: Suicide Unit Hits Da Nang Base!

VC Attack Da Nang!

Bangkok Post Headlines: Da Nang Suicide Raid!
Bangkok Post Photo: F-102 exploded!
Bangkok Post Photo: (1) C-130 Damaged, (1) C-130 Destroyed!
Bangkok Post Photo: (1) C-130 Damaged, (1) C-130 Destroyed!
Bangkok Post Article: Mortar Fire Sweeps Da Nang Base!


Pacific Stars and Stripes Newspaper, dated Jul 2, 1965, pages 1 and 24

VC Attack Đà Nàng

ĐÂ NÂNG, Republic of Vietnam (UPD—
A small communist suicide squad raced into Đà Nàng AB early Thursday and used hand grenades to destroy three American planes.

Under cover of a mortar barrage, the Viet Cong killed one air policeman and damaged several other planes. Five other Americans were wounded slightly during the attack.

The air policeman, standing guard near the south end of the field, was killed when the squad sprayed his post with small arms fire. The attackers destroyed two U.S. Air Force C-130 Hercules transport planes and one F-102 jet fighter. One other Hercules transport and two other F-102s were damaged.

American authorities at first believed the planes had been destroyed by the mortar fire. But investigation proved the Viet Cong squad penetrated the defenses of the base to pitch their grenades.

(Continued on Back Page, Col. 3)

(Continued From Page 1)

1:30 a.m. From a position between the base and the southern limits of the defense perimeter, the guerrillas poured about 30 rounds of 81mm shells onto the edge of the runway. The suicide squad fled when American crewmen scrambled from their tents and trailers surrounding the aircraft.

Reports of shooting around the flight line t tallied with reports of shadowy' figures running away from the plane park.

A Marine spokesman said Vietnamese troops were responsible for the sector of the perimeter in which the Viet Cong set up their mortars.

American airmen risked their lives to race in among the blazing aircraft. They hauled a number of Delta Daggers to safety with two tractors.

The base, 385 miles north of Saigon, is used by the U.S. Air Force for many of the bombing raids against communist north Vietnam and for support attacks against Viet Cong ground raids in the area. The base and the nearby city of Đà Nàng have been protected since March by the 3d U.S. Marine Amphibian Force, which numbers about 1,000 men.

Marine mortars answered the communist mortar fire soon after it began. Spotter planes flew overhead, dropping flares in an attempt to locate the enemy. Marine patrols hurried out beyond the perimeter. All roads in and around the town were closed and police and troops patrolled the streets.

All personnel were evacuated from the southern end of the runway as soon as the planes were hauled to safety. None were permitted back into the area because it was feared bombs aboard the damaged aircraft might explode.

Two of the American wounded were members of A Det., 509th Fighter Interceptor Sq. They were cut by flying glass when explosions blew out the windows of the trailers in which they were sleeping. The three other wounded were marines.

At 6 a.m. following the attack, three jet fighters roared into the battered base to replace the three Delta Daggers that were damaged or destroyed.

The trio left Clark AB in the Philippines almost immediately after the Red shells began falling on Đà Nàng. They were on the ground only 4 1/2 hours after the attack. We Take Care of Our Own
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