SSgt Terance Kay Jensen
Combat Awards: Silver Star, Purple Heart
Killed In Action, Đà Nàng, South Vietnam
23rd ABG/AP, July 01, 1965

SSgt, E5 USAF, 19320114, 19650701,
Đà Nàng, 23rd ABG DETROIT LAKES, MN, 02E.026
Air Force - Regular
33 year old Married, Caucasian, Male
Born on 01/14/32
Length of service 14 years.
Casualty was on 07/01/65
Body was recovered Panel 02E Line 26

To : and Vietnam Security Police Association members
From: Calcutt Jim CMSgt 48FW/CCC B1085 p5183

Vietnam Veterans of the Vietnam Security Police Association members:

The 48th Security Police Squadron, USAF 48 FW, RAF Lakenheath, England, is currently seeking information on SSgt Terrance Jensen, killed in a Viet Cong attack at Đà Nàng AB, RVN, 1 July 1965. We would like to dedicate a dormitory to SSgt Jensen, but require additional information as to the circumstances surrounding his death. If anyone has any knowledge about the attack in which SSgt Jensen was KIA, or his family, it would be aid us in obtaining the information we need to make this memorial a reality.
      If anyone can help us with this project in gathering details of SSgt Jensen's death, it will be greatly appreciated.

Calcutt Jim CMSgt, 48 FW Senior Enlisted Advisor

To : Calcutt Jim CMSgt 48FW/CCC B1085 p5183
From: Vietnam Security Police Association

I will post your request to honor one of our own Vietnam Security Air Police, Killed In Action. Hopefully, a member or two will recall details of SSgt Jensen's death--with luck--perhaps have some after-action reports or photos of the base.
      It just so happens that I have photos of Đà Nàng AB at the time SSgt Jensen was KIA, but little information concerning details of his death. You should know that my homepage, Vietnam Veterans' War Stories! is dedicated to the memory of SSgt Jensen and Airman Jones.
      Personally, I did not know SSgt Jensen. His KIA date was July 01, 1965, and I arrived in-country around the 25th of that month. Airman Jones was a good buddy of mine for several months before he was KIA.
      I will soon email several photos of Đà Nàng Air Base, 1965-1966 to you. Included will be the Air Police "tent city" and several posts. I will include additional photo-emails of the Squadron's tribute to SSgt Jensen and Airman Jones.
      I also have a photo of the ton-and-a-half truck I was told that SSgt Jensen drove just prior to being killed. It was repaired, but patched bullet-holes are clearly visible.
      I will email photos of the Memorial Services the 22nd Air Base Group, Air Police squadron, had for him and Airman James Jones (KIA in Jan 1966). I would also be interested in any information or photos you have regarding SSgt Jensen, along with Citation information and whatever you have discovered.
      The Vietnam Security Police Association Honor Roll lists known information about SSgt Jensen. FYI, the 23rd Air Base Group, Air Police became the 35th Combat Airpolice Squadron, which became the 6252nd Combat Air Police Squadron.
      If there is anything we can help to make your dedication successful, please let me know.
      Don Poss

To : Vietnam Security Police Association
From: Calcutt Jim CMSgt 48FW/CCC B1085 p5183

Thank you for your quick reply. The 48th Security Police Squadron, USAF 48 FW, RAF Lakenheath, England, and 48th FW, is attempting to bring enlisted heritage and history back to the forefront where it belongs. The decision to dedicate our dormitories to enlisted personnel was made approximately 8 months ago. I gave the individual squadrons the opportunity to submit a name for consideration. The 48th Security Police Squadron submitted SSgt Jensen's name. I am aware that SSgt Jensen was the first security policeman KIA in Vietnam and that he received the Silver Star.
      My information is extremely limited; I have a copy of an article that appeared in AIRMAN magazine in May 1966, and a poor quality copy of a newspaper article that I presume appeared in his hometown newspaper shortly after his death (date/name of newspaper not available). The Air Force Security Police Museum also provided the names of his parents, wife, and children. Mr. Bandy, curator, told me his daughters had been students at the Security Police Academy in the 1981 time frame.
      All attempts to search the Internet for contact with family members has turned up a blank. I am attempting to gain information via the Air Force records archive section and/or the Finance people. As you can imagine the process is extremely slow when you deal with these folks.
      There are several "personal" aspects to this dedication as well. Although I was not a security policeman, I spent 7 months stationed at Đà Nàng (Sept 72-Mar 73, I was one of the last aircraft maintenance people to leave when we pulled out).
      I believe it's particularly important that we recognize our Vietnam Veterans while we do this project.
      Also, the current SPS commander, Lt.Col Kevin Andersen, was an enlisted canine handler stationed at Đà Nàng. Although I don't believe he personally knew SSgt Jensen, as a young enlisted person the importance of what SSgt Jensen did was etched into his memory. He has been one reason I'm pushing to get this dedication completed prior to September 1997, at which time Lt.Col Andersen will depart the 48 FW.
     > Any information you have that will help us will be very much appreciated. If anyone that knew SSgt Jensen has photos and can scan them into the computer and e-mail them, or snail mail copies (from a color copy machine) I'd appreciate it if that was done ASAP. If that is not possible, please send any material to:
CMSgt Jim Calcutt
PSC 41 Box 2603
APO AE 09464

I realize any material you have is of great personal significance, but I assure you that anything you send will be safeguarded and returned to you. Again, thank you for your assistance. I hope to hear from you soon.

Jim Calcutt, CMSgt
48 FW Senior Enlisted Advisor

To : Vietnam Security Police Association
From: Venture07
Subject: KIA SSgt Jensen, and Guardmount Registration
Forward by PHAN RANG

Thank You For the Welcome Home Terry! I Had no idea that such an organization existed. I just punched in "Security Police" on the Alta Vista Search Engine, and there you were! I Spent 22 years in the Security Police, and retired from the 355th Security Police Squadron, Davis-Monthan AFB Arizona in 1980. I saw the query about the details surrounding the death of SSgt Terry K. Jensen at Đà Nàng in July of 1965. I was with Terry in battle that fateful night, and I am sharing the details to the requesting organization. Terry was a friend, and a gallant hero that night. He upheld the true spirit of the Security Police to the last measure. He was a good man!

Thank You Again, Mike

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