Binh Thuy AB

SSgt Sid Solomon
632nd SPS, 16 May 1970

by Stan Levinson

Above Shoulder patches were on a uniform I found recently: 632nd SPS

Sgt Sid Soloman was a good friend of mine at Binh Thuy AB while I was in the 632nd SPS, Devil Flight, in 1970. My 22nd birthday was May 16th,1970 and Sid took my place on a gun-jeep for the night shift on the perimiter so I could party hard with my good bud TSgt Gray.

I was told about the accident just after it happened, and went to the hospital to see if everyone was okay. As you know, everyone was not okay. SSgt Soloman was dead and three others were FUBAR. Looking at them, I had no idea who was whom. It was the first time I ever saw dead and injured men in that condition, but that didn't last very long.

After discharge, I went on the Norfolk Virginia Police Department when I got home from Nam in 1970, and retired after 30 years in law enforcement. During that time, I saw more dead and injured humans than I care to think about.

I also went into the Army Reserves as an Infantry Drill Sgt, and retired from that after 27 years. I turned 55 on May 16th, 2003 and did not know about VSPA's WebPage or the fact that another Security Policeman was also killed in that crash.

I met a guy named Louis Kidd, a 632nd K-9 Sky Cop at Binh Thuy in 1969, who is now a manager of the DMV in Norfolk, and he told me about VSPA's site. WOW, talk about memories and forgotten good and bad times. Had I worked on my birthday that night in 1970, I would not be here today enjoying my grandbaby and my retirement. By the way, to this day, I take my birthday off and have a few drinks for the one (now ones) who didn't make it and will always remember Sid Soloman who was killed on my 22nd birthday in 1970.

Stan Levinson,
Norfolk Virginia


Photos were taken in 1970. This was for Sid Soloman... I guess 33 years diden't dull my memory that much. The picture [left] is of three guys I knew then, but have no Idea who there are now. Maybe you do.








The last picture is a group of us guarding USO entertainers. As you look at the picture, I am on the right.






Official Information

SSgt - E5 - Air Force - Regular
39 year old Married, Caucasian, Male
Born on Nov 08, 1930
From Roslyn Heights, New York
632nd SPS, Binh Thuy AB
His tour of duty began on Jan 28, 1970
Casualty was on May 16, 1970
Non Hostile, Ground Casualty - Vehicle Crash
Body was recovered
Religion - Jewish
Panel 10W - Line 54

Circumstances (Non Hostile): The accident claimed the lives of two
Security Police on their way to post, and were hit by a drunk driving a deuce and a half.


From: Lew Goldberg

Sid Solomon died in a vehicle accident. He was the only one that died.  The other vehicle was driven by a drunk A2C who received a General Court Marshall and was sentenced to 6 or 7 years at Levenworth.  The SP that did the investigation was SSgt Thomas Siefring a LM of VSPA who is a History Professor and author of a few books. We Take Care of Our Own
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