TSN - SSgt William Cyr, and
Ubon - A1C Lenord Steno
My friends.

by Jack Poirier

I was just reviewing last April's issue of Guardmount. I was really struck by the story regarding bunker 051 Bunker at Tan Son Nhut. Of the S.P's KIA, I was stationed with Billy Cyr in Ubon RTAFB, Thailand. I served with the 8th SPS, and was with there from May 1967 through May 1969. I was good friends with Billy as we were both from Massachusetts.
        I remember when news arrived of Billy's death, it was quite a shock. I can remember Billy and I talking about his wanting an early out. At that time if you volunteered for a second tour in SEA, you were promised an early out. Billy got his the hard way.
        For years I wondered about him, all the others on The Wall. It wasn't until that Guardmount issue that I remembered a lot of fond memories. I want to thank the author of that article, Frank Ybarbo for writing it and allowing me to remember the fond memories of Billy.
        Last May I went back to The Wall and paid tribute to my friend after many years. Today I am a Police Sergeant with the Ipswich Police Dept., here in Massachusetts. I try to get to The Wall as often as I can, at least once a year, as well as visit the Police Memorial too. I have friends on that wall also.
        I also found the name of another S.P. who died a non combat death at Ubon in 1968, Lenord Steno. He was my SAT leader and we were at the Bomb Dump at Ubon that night he was shot. He was another friend. I cried when I saw those names, especially Billy's. Thanks for the article, thanks for the organization and most of all thanks for making me proud to have served with such an elite force. God Bless you all and have a happy and safe New Year.

A brother;
Jack Poirier

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