Air Force Commendation Medal
Awarded To
Staff Sergeant Jackie R. Kays
1 June 2015
Don Poss,
VSPA Webmaster, LM 37

Letter from Jackie Kays to Don Poss, 20 Dec 2015.
Letter from Congressman Sam Graves to Jackie Kays, 18 Dec 2015.

Air Force Commendation Medal awarded to Jackie Kays, signed by Margaret B. Poore, Maj Gen, USAF.

In an ancient minefield at the South end of the old north runway at Đà Nàng, there are still two deep furrows where medics dragged Jackie away...
and they weren't caused by boot heels

Don Poss,
VSPA Webmaster
Director Communications

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To Die Alone We Take Care of Our Own
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