"The Battle for Saigon Tet 1968"

by  Steve Ray
12th SPS, Cam Ranh Bay AB;
Thailand, NKP

Battle For Saigon
Author Keith William Nolan has done something for the Security Police that served in Vietnam that should not have been bought even if we had hired the best Ad firm in the land.  As all of you are aware, most people have no idea what we did in Vietnam, that has now been corrected. "The Battle for Saigon Tet 1968" was published in October 1996 by Pocket Books.  The book details the courageous actions of the 3rd SPS at Biên Hòa and the 377th SPS at Tan Son Nhut while defending the Air Bases during the Tet Offensive of 1968.  Several members of the VSPA were participants in those battles and shared their stories with Mr. Nolan.  The success of the book is due in part to his use of first hand accounts from our members.  The book is a MUST read for any AP/SP that served in Nam.  As you will see when you read the book, Mr. Nolan is not shy in pointing out weaknesses in human character and leadership and judging by that, the Security Police acquitted themselves quite well.  The only snafu was the Air Force Security Forces Association was listed in the sources section of contributors and the Vietnam Security Police Association should have bee mentioned but was not.  I will see what can be done on future printings.  In any event, pick up a copy of the book, it's well written and does us proud. We Take Care of Our Own
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