Phan Rang Air Base
Rockets In-coming!
Photos by Carl Tripp

BienHoa Rocket attack - 1.gif
1) Warehouse 100 feet from our barracks hit by rockets - late Jan. / early Feb 1968.

BienHoa Rocket attack - 2
2) Building near base theater hit by rockets - Feb 1968

Phan Rang Base Theatre
3) Base Theatre

BienHoa Rocket attack - 3
4) Barracks building hit by mortar / rocket - Feb 1968

BienHoa Rocket attack - 4

5) Sandbag/PSP bunker used to go to corner of building. Bunkbed of 'surgically removed' wall contained body of Airman killed by shockwave. Between 12-16 troops were vaporized by a rocket that hit the bunker. Author had tried to get into the bunker but it was too full - it was hit when he was running for another bunker 75 feet away. This is where some of our MIA's may have been.

BienHoa Rocket attack - 5

6) Another barracks hit by rockets / mortars - Feb 1968.

BienHoa Rocket attack - 6
7) A Wing officer's trailer hit by a rocket (he wasn't in it). The water tower in the background was manned by an SP who gave the warning (siren and radio) whenever he spotted any incoming ("the rocket's red glare..... .") hence saving untold lives.

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