Phan Rang USAF UNIT Lineage and Honors History Vietnam
35th Security Police Squadron
SSgt Kirk, Lawrence S.
Silver Star
by Lawrie Gay,
Cpl Air Field defence Guard,
2 Squadron RAAF

Air Force Cross Larry Kirk was SrNco in charge of the 35th Security Police Squadron (Heavy Weapons Flight) at Phan Rang Air Base on the night of 25/26Jan 1969. He had recently mounted a 7.62mm minigun on a jeep (see photo right) and was taking it for a run to try it out. Additional to that I believe he carried quite an arsenal of other weapons and ammo. Armed for Bear would be an understatement. Whilst cruising Juliet Sector on the eastern perimeter he happened on the scene of a CO size sapper attack. At 6400-rounds-per-minute, let your imagination do the rest.

After the mini malfunctioned, he then expended most of the rest of his arsenal. Between himself, a half dozen doggies and a few other cops in towers and bunkers they ruined Charlie's plans in quick-time.

Larry's Silver Star was well earned. Like most heroes, he was a real nice guy and although an extreme "pro" did not seem to cut the figure of the man in action that night. Hope you're still hanging in mate.

To all my Brothers, "Take Care",
Lawrie Gay,
Cpl Air Field defence Guard, 2 Squadron RAAF

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