Bien Hoa AB
3rd SPS

Tell It Like It Is
by William Weber
LM 146
© 2008


Tell It Like It Is,  by A1C William C.Weber, Griffiss AFB, Rome, NY,  1969 (SAC Trained - Vietnam Tested!)

Tell It Like It Is
Tell It Like It Is
When The Man Says "What's Your Problem?"
Tell It Like It Is
Last night I worked a mid shift
It was pouring rain!
I was posted as a close-in
Walking 'round a plane.
I was super pissed off
Wet as I could be.
With rain spots on my glasses
I could hardly see!
I hadn't had a skate, man,
In almost seven days.
I thought I saw my flight chief
Coming through the haze.
He had a rider with him.
The duty officer was out.
This had to be "The Man"
Without a doubt!
He pulled up right beside me
Cracked his window and he said,
"Is it raining out there airman?"
And then my face got red.
I must have lost my temper
'Cause I grabbed him by his shirt.
I pulled him out the window
And I laid him in the dirt!
I called him a dirty bastard
And a rotten S.O.B.
And I hit him in the face
Before the flight chief got to me!
He relieved me of all duty,
Took my weapon on the spot.
He must have thought me crazy
'Cause I told him "Thanks a lot!"
I saw my commanding officer
The very first thing today.
He said "Airman, what's your problem?"
And I had this to say:
I said, "Sir, you don't know what it's like
To walk around a plane,
While the sky is spreading misery
In the form of cold, wet rain!
A hundred thoughts go through your mind
Of things you'd like to do,
And then some guy comes on your post
And makes his fun of you!
I did it, sir, I hit him,
I'm as guilty as can be,
And I'd do the same to any man
Who'd make a joke of me!
It's not a laughing matter, sir,
To stand out in the weather
When everyone else in the Air Force
Has a job you know is better!"
I looked at him - he looked at me
And nothing more was said.
I started to speak, but he cut me off,
It was he who spoke instead.
In a voice that left no doubt
That he was truly in command,
He handed down my judgement
And this is how he began:
He said, "Son, I know you've got it hard
But don't cry on my shoulder!
You'll realize the job you've done
When you're a few years older!
For it takes guts to guard an airplane
Every single day,
But to strike from anger takes no guts at all
And for this, you'll have to pay!
And just so you'll remember
This lesson that you've seen,
I'll give you the carbon copy
Of your Article 15!
Just take this pen and write your name
You don't have to be neat!"
I meekly signed my name
Upon that paper of defeat!
Tonight I'll walk the line again
Just like all the rest,
But this time it'll be different
'Cause I'm wearing one stripe less!
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