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© 2011 by Don Poss
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Poem - Air Force Security Forces Prayer: by Don Poss

Poem - Air Force Security Forces Prayer

© 2011, by Don Poss

Our Father Who Art In Heaven…
We stand before you to Ask for Victory over enemies…

We call for Your Blessing
Upon the people of this land.
Upon the environment,
Where none shall fear drinking from a well fouled with the dead,
Nor suffer the harvest ruined in waste.
Upon the villages and cities,
Where none shall fear the fanatic who would bring terror rather than hope or
those who hate more than they love.
Upon contact with friendlies, that we might be wise in our strength, that confusion
be set aside, and we are united in winning peace through courage and might.

We ask when battle comes You would instill discernment to us all
To recognize the enemy amongst the innocent,
Wisdom to do our duty to protect our fellow warriors,
Courage to protect the innocent endangered in our midst, and
Strength to achieve Victory.

/>Give us lasting Victory in Battle, which must proceed Freedom and a Lasting Peace.
Grant the warriors acceptance and peace from the horrors of war, so they may endure.

Grant a Lasting Freedom to all from
Fear of government,
Fear of soldiers and police,
Fear of religious persecution,
Fear for safety of loved ones, and
Fear of the Peace being greater than Fear of War.

For our Military Enemies
Deliver us from evil,
Grant us the strength to defeat them,
Confound their wicked efforts.
Let our aim be true, and protect the innocent used in their midst from our power.
Let enemies who come against us fall before the sword of the Defenders of the Force.

/>For those Who Fall in Battle
Grant Care and Merciful Peace to their families and loved ones, and
Lord, may their comrades stand-at-ease with acceptance.
May our Countrymen ever remember their sacrifice as the price of freedom, and
May their Sacrifice not be in vain.

/>For those Wounded in Battle
Touch and heal their wounds, ease the pain, and take away the memories of agony.
May their loved ones and friends support their full recovery.
Guide the hands and words of medical personnel in their care and restoration of
wounds, and banishment of trauma and anguish from mind and body.
May our nation open its heart, and do all possible to restore the wounded
warrior’s strength, body, and serenity.
May the country gain respect and appreciation for the symbol of the Purple Heart,
bestowing gratitude to those so awarded, with thankfulness for lives spared, and
a certainty that You have embraced those wounded unto death.

For those Who Fought and Lived
And survived the battle unscathed, we thank You for Your mercy and grace that
surpasses our understanding.

For Warriors Captured in Battle
Grant them Freedom
From torture, disease, and Torment.
Strengthen their faith in certainty that countrymen are praying for deliverance, and
Reward their searching comrades with power to find and swiftly restore them to the brotherhood that many will never know.

For those who Served in lands at Peace during times of War
My our nation remember their vital service in securing the lasting Victory with a
Lasting Peace.

Bless those set above us in leadership.
Grant them wisdom in decisions of war and peace.
Grant them discernment, valor, and courage.
Grant them Your mercy.
Grant them Your forgiveness.
Grant them Victory.

Bless the Veterans,
May their years be filled with love of country, remembrance of fellow warriors, and
pride of service ... for it is their prayers we covet most.

May We and Our Enemy strive to be on Your Side,
For only then will peace on Earth rein eternal.

May the Fortress of Peace ever Stand.

In Your Name we pray,

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