Pleiku Air Base
633rd Security Police Squadron

by Victor C Lebsack
© 2003

1) TSgt Lebsack, CSC, Commplotter, 0150 hrs, 2NOV67.

2) Aug 1967 'Ku Kops prepare to sweep perimeter.

3) TSgt Lebsack and SMSgt Humphreys checking perimeter after mortar attack, Feb1968.

4) L to R: QC, MSgt Ball, SMSgt Humphreys, CMSgt Janek and BC Col. Birdsong,
on BDA tour after attack in FEB 1968.

5) TSgt Bouchard inspects 633rd SPS Self Propelled Arty, 105 mm Recoiless Rifle, Apr 1968.


6) Vic Lebsack and Brian Deasy, 1967.

7) Promotion Party for MSgt Lebsack, 1968. Brian Deasy, civvies, and TSgt Bouchard on right.
Madras and others, joined the party.

L to R: MSgt Ball, SMSgt Humpreys and Capt. X, BBQ BEER at Lebsacks's Promotion Party. We Take Care of Our Own
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