Armory Explosion
and death of
A1C Robert Edward Pascoe

by Fred Krisch,
633rd SPS, Pleiku

Photo L/R: A1C Miles, A3C McSpadden, A1C Pascoe, Unknown behind Pascoe, A1C Crawley, A2C Krish.
(Pascoe died the day after the photo was taken).
Note French bunker (upper left): Bunker 19.
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A1C Robert Edward Pascoe, center photo, back to camera.

Photos by Fred Krisch and Courtesy

633rd Security Police Squadron, Pleiku, 1966-1967

The October 1997 issue of Guardmount and read Steve Ray's column (Guardmount Pass-on's). Yes, A1C Robert Edward Pascoe was indeed a Security Policeman at Pleiku AB. He had arrived in Pleiku about May of 1967. If I can recall correctly, A1C Robert Edward Pascoe, center photo, back to camera. he left a wife and two children. Pascoe was on "C" Flight and we had just got off duty and were turning in our weapons at our SPS Armory. The time was probably 0700 to 0730 hours. At that time, the policy was for an AlC to check all the incoming weapons to be stored. Also, the hand grenades AND the hand flares were stored together in ammo boxes.

       When I arrived to turn in my weapon, there were maybe three or four guys cleaning their weapons prior to turning them in to Airman Pascoe, who was working in the Armory that day. I was exhausted and did not want to clean mine (and I never skipped weapon's cleaning!) so I walked past Pascoe and put my weapon on its respective rack and walked out. It was no more than thirty-seconds passing when three terrific explosions came from the Armory. The guys who had been cleaning their weapons were injured, but there was no remains left of Robert Pascoe.

       Pleiku Air Base had to receive an emergency shipment of weapons and ammo, since we had none with the exception of those on duty and on the reserve team.

A service was held for Pascoe at Pleiku Base Chapel (below left photo):

Fred "Lurch" Krisch,
 9-1966 - 8-1967, Pleiku

Robert Edward Pascoe, HS 1961 Photo

A1C Robert Edward Pascoe, killed LOD Pleiku SVN, 1967
Stars and Stripes: A1C Robert Edward Pascoe, killed LOD Pleiku SVN, 1967
Pleiku Base Chapel, photo courtesy of:Sutherland
A1C - Air Force - Regular
24 year old Married, Caucasian, Male
Born on Apr 17, 1943
Length of service 3 years.
His tour of duty began on May 31, 1967
Casualty was on Jul 18, 1967
633d APS, Pleiku AB
Body was recovered
Panel 23E - Line 88

Circumstances (Non Hostile):
Accidental Grenade/Armory Explosion
Robert Edward Pascoe, gravestone We Take Care of Our Own
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