Air Police / Security Police
Nha Trang AB
14th Security Police Squadron Security Police Squadron: A complex Security Police network is maintained at each U.S. Air Force installation in South Vietnam; captured prisoners have related that because of the high cost they would have to pay to break through some heavily guarded base perimeters, they were forced to seek more vulnerable targets.
      In additon to constant security patrols on foot, by vehicle, and by dog accompanied sentries, U.S. Air Force Security Police also furnish base support in numerous other ways, including pass and identification, traffic control and both criminal and accident investigation.

(Photo above: A Sentry and his dog make their nightly rounds in dark silence. Normally indecernible, a Security Police perimeter patrol force are illuminated by both their on tracers, slap flares, and the photographer's strobe light as they fire on a target.)

Nha Trang 01-b Thompson

Since the 1968 communist Tet offensive, many Seventh Air Force Security Police have found themselves, on occasion, performing in a role usually reserved to an Army's infantry---that of a defensive rifleman, holding off an opposing force until reinforcements and tactical air support could be brought in to deal a knock out blow to the enemy. We Take Care of Our Own
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