388th SPS 1972-1973
Looking for Robert W. Adams and CO
by Carl Contreras
© 2008

Photo Submitted by Carl Contreras obtained from SP Larid Worsham, circa 1972-1973:
 SPS K9 Robert W . Adams is at far left.
388th SPS Photo taken Outside Hooch Area.
I am a SPS from the early 70's. I have been looking for some long lost buddies, one is in this picture. His name is Robert W. Adams who was a K-9 Handler. Robert is the one at the far left, in the white short sleeve shirt. The picture was taken at Korat by the hooches, during his tour of: Feb.72 to Mar.1973. The rest of the cops in the picture are all unknown, but a few of them look very familiar but the names escape me. Robert and I hung out together alot at Mather AfB in California when he arrived there from Korat.
I remember he was from a southern state.  I got the picture from a former SPS Larid Worsham, the picture was given to him but he didn't know who any of the other Cops were. Maybe someone will know where I could find Robert or at least put some names to the others. I am on  quest to locate some of my old Cop friends and have found and remained in contact with 8 of them so far.

Carl Contreras 
USAF SPS 1971-74
388th SPS
!972 - 73

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