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The Handlers of
Tuy Hoa AB
Last Name First Name MI Tour Dog  Brand Number
Allen Bill   66-67 Hans 4A92
Allen William J 66 Unk. Unk. #
Barry Mike    11/69-11/70 Rebel Unk. #
Bernhardt Kenneth E 10/68-10/69 Sargent/Fritz Unk. #
Breckinridge Richard B 7/68- 7/69 Dutchess 0A85
Brown Mike   68-69 Shadow Unk
Carey Wendell    66 Unk. Unk. #
Carter George   10/67-10/68 King X363
Cave, Jim   8/70-10/70 Winston A170
Christopher Jerry   66 Unk. Unk. #
Denison, Russell   7/70-7/71 Lobo 25A7
Dobbs Charles   1/70-8/70 Knig Unk. #
Evans Lloyd   12/67-12/68 Bruno 513F
Fallat Colin   1/66-2/17 King Unk. #
Finucan Marice J 66 Unk. Unk. #
Garcia Gary   66-67 Dutchess 0A85
Germain Noel   66 Unk. Unk. #
Hallenbeck David   12/66-12-67 Rex 322E
Hanson Don   12/66-6/68 Caesar 626F
Heath Bill   1967 Rebel Unk. #
Hendlin           Richard   69-70 Unk. # Unk. #
Hitt Harmon   J 66 Unk. Unk. #
James  John   5/66-5/67 Duke 2A10
Kies Bradley L 9/68-9/69 Dorf Unk. #
King Robert Thomas 67-68 Fritz 2A81
Lakey David L 12/69_12/70 Duke/King Unk/Unk
Manes  Scott   2/1/66-2/1/67 Ranger A058
May Richard   68-69 Unk. # Unk. #
Meyer Joe (Allie)   12/67-12/68 Rex/Kim Unk/Kim 360F
Miller Vernon J 1970 Duke Unk. #
Mitchell  Tom   3/66-3/67 Unk. Unk. #
Musselwhite Clyde   12/66-12/67 Dolf Unk #
Ohlson Craig   7/68-9/69 Rebel 801X
O'Leary Jerry   69-70 Unk Unk #
Peffer, III Arthur D 69-70 Falla/Wolf Unk. #
Perkins Unk   69-70 King Unk. #
Perrot Dennis   9/68-9/69 Rebel Unk. #
Psoinos Daniel "Nick"   4/67-2/68 Hans 4A92
Raper Chris   12/66-12/67 King 326F
Rebele George   3/69-3/70 King Unk. #
Ridenaueer Richard  P 66 Unk. Unk. #
Rolison Hugh    8-/66-5/67 Sheppy 9F79
Saracino Robert   70 Rascal 711X
Savage  Phil   2/66-2/67 Shep 7F79
Scott Stephen  66 Unk. Unk. #
Stabler Richard   1968-1969 Bruno 513F
Stull David   6/68-6/69 Dutchess 0A85
Warner Michael L 12/66-7/68 Duke 330XA
Weir Toby   1/67-1/68 Foxey 956F
Wessel              Leo J 11/68-11/69 King Unk. #

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