The Dogs of
 Tan Son Nhut AB
Name Brand # Remarks
 Bruno  A818  
Ace 874F  
Alex 2B76  
Amigo A745  
Astor K070  
Augie A681  
Baron Unk #  
Bear 089M  
Blacky 129X Also at Đà Nàng AB
Blitz Unk #  
Bo Unk #  
Bomber A403  
Bubba  A405  
Bummer  Unk #  
Buster A399  
Casey  9M89  
Ceasar Unk #  
Chief 3A10  
Chief E940  
Colonel Unk #  
Congo  0K00  
Cowboy Unk #  
Crigger Unk #  
Cubby 612E KIA  - Dec 4, 1966
Devil 0A73  
Dobe 7X49 Also at Cam Ranh Bay AB & Pleiku AB
Donny 1X13  
Double Unk #  
Duke 645F Also at Bin Thuy & Pleiku AB
Duke 6A47  
Duke A378  
Dumbo Unk #  
Dunde 46X3  
Dutchess A649  
Eric A939  
Flagg Unk #  
Fritz 0S65  
Fritz 2A81 Also at Tuy Hoa AB, RVN
Fritz 584F Also At Bin Thuy, Pleiku AB, & Phan Rang AB
Fritz 598M  
Fritz A903  
George 60X8  
Gerry Unk #  
Grief E940  
Happy 498F  
Hoover A936  
Iche-Ban  M672  
Igor Unk #  
Ike Unk #  
Jason 49X1  
Jeff Unk #  
Jerry M641  
Jett A033  
Kelly 587M Also at Cam Ranh Bay AB, RVN
Kim 360F Also at Cam Ranh Bay AB,  Phan Rang AB, & Tuy Hoa
King 205F  
King 326F Also at Tuy Hoa AB, RVN
King 498F  
King 648F  
King A365  
Kobe 080X  
Kreiger A044  
Lance 0B58  
Lance 82A6  
Lance M600 Also at Đà Nàng AB, RVN
Lindy 68M7  
Lobo 794A  
Lobo 9X96  
Lucky 896X  
Lucky E992  
Ludwick 1X74 (KIA  8/22/66)
Major 803F  
Major A806  
Marat 34A1  
Max 2B43 Also at Phan Rang AB, RVN
Max A149
Mike A675  
Mox A149  
Nemo A534 WIA Dec 4, 1966 
Pal E711 Also at Cam Ranh Bay AB, RVN
Pirate 8X71  
Prince 54M6  
Prince X509  
Ralph 7A86  
Ranger 679E  
Rebel A531  
Rebel 519X KIA  - Dec 4, 1966
Renee 093M  
Rex 674F Handler First USAF K-9 KIA
Rex 0X79  
Rex 703F  
Rex M173  
Rinny A116 Also at Đà Nàng AB & Phan Rang AB 
Rocky A855  
Roscoe A539  
Rover M075  
Sampson 416X  
Sampson 46X4  
Santa Clause A405  
Sarge 46X4  
Sarge A943  
Shep A457  
Skippy 656F  
Smokey A531 Also at Phan Rang AB & Pleiku AB
Smokey M707  
Surf A039  
Toby 206F KIA  - Dec 4, 1966
Tramp 438F  
Tye A075  
Vogie A927  
Xarek 3F93  

At the end of the American cavalry era, the Army disposed of its horses by machine gunning them to death. In our war, the dogs were treated the same way. Only it was done in a more “humane” manner. Some excess dogs were reassigned to other bases but most were killed. The US Military has pledged never to dispose of military working dogs in such a manner again. A change in the law now allows  military dogs to be retired after their service is completed. 

Please Read  Death of a Warrior   

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Tan Son Nhut AB Air Base    Dogs of Tan Son Nhut AB

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