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 Dog Attack Training

Attack training was conducted weekly. The aggressive behavior had to be reinforced. This showed the dog was shown that a human could be attacked, defeated, and no harm came to the dog. The praise from the handler reinforced the fact that this behavior was okay.

Great care was taken to ensure that the dog was never injured during this training. For if a dog was ever injured by a decoy how would the dog believe that he was capable of overcoming a human. As long as the dog believed that, he was a dangerous and much  feared weapon.

"Pistol", the dog below is taking a full mouth bite on the arm of another handler. Handlers acted as “Decoy” for each other attack training. 

Below" Sgt Mike Monger (Left) and Sgt Bill  Cummings (Right)

U-Tapao 1970-1971

Sentry Dog at NKP, Thailand biting a decoy wearing the attack suit.  The suit provided full protection except to the feet & head. The suit was hot and  weighed over 60 pounds. Dogs were sometimes known to knock the decoy over during off leash attacks. The decoy could only lay on the ground and play like a turtle, until the dog was recovered by the handler. It was also not uncommon for a handler to be bit by his own dog for "interfering" with a off leash attack.  Sentry Dogs were that aggressive!  Photo Circa 68-69
Photo Courtesy of George Conklin

Photos Above Sentry Dog Attack Training,  Courtesy of David Adams



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