Scout Dogs

 of Safeside


Auggie Blitz Deno Goldie
Unk. # Unk. # Unk. # 0H27
Kurt Major Mugs Nipper
Unk. # 5A46 4A58 Unk. #
Prince Rex Sabre Samantha
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At the end of the American cavalry era, the Army disposed of its horses by machine gunning them to death. In our war, the dogs were treated the same way. Only it was done in a more “humane” manner. Some excess dogs were reassigned to other bases in the Pacific but most were killed. The US Military has pledged not to dispose of military working dogs in such a  manner again.

Please read  Death of a Warrior

There were 14 Scout dogs used in Vietnam by the USAF. Please email me if you know the missing names or missing brand numbers.


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