The Handlers of
Phu Cat AB
Last Name First Name MI Tour Dog Brand #
Jackson Michael J 71-72 Bobito 281M
Jackson William   Unk Unk. Unk.
James Ronald S 70-71 Dolf 0K35
Johnson Dennis L 71-72 Mark X748
Johnson Herbert W 71-72 Unk. Unk.
Johnson Larry E 70-71 Rocky/Bobito 5A96/281M
Johnson, Jr. Leland E 67-68 Unk. Unk.
Jolly Craig A 70-71 Prince 88M0
Kalish Richard L 71-72 Caesar 038M
Keife Stephen R 70-71 Duke 744A
Kellogg Howard L 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Kelly Douglas   70-71 Unk. Unk.
Kemp Joseph D 70-71 Bobo 525X
Kinnaird Howard "Bruce" 69-70 Kennel CQ NA
Kluz Stephen   Unk Unk. Unk.
Knowlws Randy L 71-72 Pinto 16M3
Krieger Kevin L 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Kubeny Tom   Unk Unk. Unk.
Lamch Christopher P 71-72 Wolf 079M
Lavalle Donald G 71-72 Trooper 991M
Lee Fredrick A 71-72 Duke 744A
Lemery Roger   70-71 Blitz-Bon 00X2
Liendo Fabian   73-74 Cap 544F
Lindsey Robert E 71-72 King 98A5
Lockard Greg   Unk Unk. Unk.
Loeffler Ronald   Unk Unk. Unk.
Long Marvin L 71-72 Unk. Unk.
Long  Chuck   69-70 Captain Unk.
Lyons Albert L 71-72 Colonel 809A
MacGregor Steven R 71-72 Unk. Unk.
Mahaffay Michael D 71-72 Unk. Unk.
Mansberry Earl   69-70 Duke Unk.
Maples Wayne   W 70-71 Pinto/Duke 16M3/2A10
Marcil Phi   67-68 Teko X477
Marsili Richard   66-67 Prince 390F
Marty Richard   Unk Unk. Unk.
Masterson Theo   Unk Unk. Unk.
Maxey Samuel   67-68 Unk. Unk #
McDaniel David T 70-71 Baron 4A18
McEachern Sandy   69-70 Gus 4M39
McGeorge Phil   69-70 Flop A912
McIntosh Robert L 70-71 Congo 0K00
McKinney Lokey B 70-71 Unk. Unk.
McNichael Steven B 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Michalowski Kim T 71-72 Hobo M793
Milbourn Jon   69-70 Max M183
Montgomery Lon Alvin   Unk Unk. Unk.
Mook Melvin E 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Moore Gary   67-68 King Unk.
Moore Monty   1/70-6/70 Giant A905
Moreland Jim   66-67 Giant A905
Moorman Charles V 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Nation Alan   Unk Unk. Unk.
Nells Charles K 70-71 Knight M609
Newcomb  David "Carl"  Carl 70 Unk. Unk #
Newman, II Charles R 70-71 Sentry/Colonel A249/809A
Nieto Henry   Unk Unk. Unk.
O'Hara Kevin M 70-71 Tex 529M
Osborn Gary   70-71 Bullet 004X
Ostrander Gerald W 70-71 Duncan 64X5
Pakulski David J 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Park  (Died) Irving  Geon 03/06/70 Unk. Unk #
Peacock Norm   70 Unk. Unk.
Pearsall Frank M 71-72 Unk. Unk.
Pelfrey Dwight   Unk Unk. Unk.
Pendergast Kevin   68-69 Tex 529M
Perrott Dennis   70-71 Unk. Unk.
Piersault Charles E 71-72 Colonel 809A
Plummer Bob    70-71 Scottie 8M94
Pohl Rufus   10/67-6/69 Rusty 775E
Pomeroy Gary   Unk Unk. Unk.
Preston Robert   Unk Unk. Unk.
Prudhomme Fred   Unk Unk. Unk.
Ramos Emilio J 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Ray Richard R 71-72 King 788M
Reak "TFR" William   70-71 Unk. Unk.
Rehfeldt Michael A 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Rhode Jerry W 71-72 Rocky 5A96
Richards Jack   Unk Unk. Unk.
Riley Lawrence   12/66-7/68 Smokey A912
Ritter Randy   69-70 King Unk #
Robinson Calvin   70-71 Prince/George 59M3/A950
Robinson Charles E 71-72 Unk. Unk.
Rominger Bill   Unk Unk. Unk.
Ross Douglas W 71-72 Tex 529M
Salazar Robert G 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Sayers James D 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Schindehette Scott   01/67-11/67 Rex 546F
Scott Keith   12/66 - 9/67 Hoover E992
Sevier George   1/66 to 2/67 Colonel 854F
Seymour Wesley E 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Shifflett Glenn A 71-72 Unk. Unk.
Sikes Stephen C 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Smith Robert D. 70-71 Giant A905
Solmon, Jr. Charles J 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Sousa Richard   Unk Unk. Unk.
Southerland Vince   Unk Unk. Unk.
Springer Robert   71-72 Baron 4A18
Springs Riley   70-71 Sheepy 9F79
Stainback Brady   Unk Eric 304M
Stander Joe   Unk Unk. Unk.
Stanley William   71-72 King/Eric 2A45/2A57
Stewart Thomas G 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Stiles Jim   Unk Unk. Unk.
Suddeth Thomas L. 69-70 Blitz-Bon 00X2
Surette Ronald   Unk Unk. Unk.
Swanson Gary M 6/70-6/71 Fritz/Lucky Unk./2M86
Sweeney Leonard J 69-70 Colonel X080
Sylvester Jim   Unk Unk. Unk.
Szmall Kazimierz  C 70-71 Smokey(Junior) Unk.
Taylor Tom   69-70 Rex X214
Teller Jim   69-70 Lady Unk #
Thomas Robert M 71-72 Dolf 0K35
Thurston Robert   Unk Unk. Unk.
Tomhave John H 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Tyler Louis S 70-71 Pinto/Selig 16M3/7A96
Voss James   70-71 Selig 7A96
Wagonlander William   1/68-8/69 Kaylo A280
Wardrop Gregory C 70-71 King 788M
Warren W W 69-70 Unk. Unk.
Wells Charles K 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Wenger Mike   Unk. Unk. Unk.
White Ricky   71-72 Prince 88M0
White Victor   Unk. Unk. Unk.
Williams Dennis G 71-72 Judas 331M
Wilson Walter  L 70-71 Rex X214
Windham William P 70-71 Unk. Unk.
Wirth Nicholas   69-70 Cap 544F
Woods Richard G 70-71 Congo/Prince 0K00/59M3
Zoppo Philip A 68-69 Sam Houston 3A32

Irving Park died during a posting vehicle accident.

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