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Name of K-9 Personnel  Location Date
Adams, Erhardt (Jimmy) Phu Cat AB, RVN Nov. 11, 1970
Ahern, Robert Phan Rang AB, RVN Mar. 30, 1969
Bevich Jr., George B Tan Son Nhut AB, RVN Dec. 4, 1966
Ford, Bernard Phan Rang AB, RVN July 5, 1967
Fritz, Gerald W. ** Nakhon Phanom, RTAFB May 13, 1975
Ilaoa, Faleagafulu (Phil) ** Nakhon Phanom, RTAFB May 13, 1975
Loftis, Joel Conrad Phan Rang AB, RVN June 7, 1969
London, Dennis W. ** Nakhon Phanom, RTAFB May 13, 1975
Orsua, Charles David Phan Rang AB, RVN July, 15, 1969
Park, Irving Geon Phu Cat AB, RVN March 6, 1970
Fuller, Gary Leroy Da Nang AB, RVN Feb. 27, 1967
Holley, Glynn Byron Cam Ranh Bay AB, RVN Dec. 26, 1969
Muse, Edward Grady Bien Hoa AB, RVN Jan. 31, 1968
Kopfer, John Jerome Da Nang AB, RVN Feb. 21, 1968
Boyd, James Bien Hoa AB, RVN Feb. 28, 1968
RVN - Republic of Vietnam  (South Viet Nam)
RTAFB - Royal Thai AB (Thailand)

* A2C George Bevich, Jr. was the first Air Force Dog Handler to die in Vietnam. 

** Two handlers and one ex handler (total of eighteen Security Police personnel KIA) were on the CH-53 helicopter that crashed during the Mayaguez rescue attempt. This was  considered the  last combat  action of the Vietnam war. 

Mayaguez K-9  Memoriam

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Australian Handlers KIA in RVN 

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US Navy Sentry Dog Handlers
 KIA in Vietnam


Handler Location Date
Carter, Mearle Keith NSA Da Nang AB, RVN 22-Oct-67
Sheldon, William Charles NSA Da Nang AB, RVN 5-May-68

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SrA Bob Gray Memorial

Killed in Action, Clark Air Base, RP, January 6, 1978

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Casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan  

Tsgt Jamie Dana and Rex

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Terry Strickland




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