The Dogs
of Korat
Name Brand # Remarks
Adam 6K60 Also at Ubon RTAFB
Babe 77M2  
Baron M124  
Baron Y056  
Bill 0K19  
Blackie X850  
Boots 645M  
Brandy  X422 Also at Takhli RTAFB
Brill Y228 Shipped to Don Muang RTAS at closure of Korat
Buck V031 Drug Dog; Shipped to Clark Air Base, RP
Bullet Y028 shipped to CAB, RP; ex-sentry dog, retrained
Butch 5K60  
Casey 3M89  
Cedrich 27M9  
Champ 85X7  
Chigger 8A17  
Chiko  3M59 Also Takhli RTAFB
Cliff 637M  
Clipper 65M5  
Cochise Unk #  
Commander 8A42  
Duke 20M8 Bitten by Green Pit Viper -euthanized - 11/27/68
Duke M392  
Duke X380  
Duke  20M8  
Dusty Z356 Transferred to Osan, Korea 1976
Doggie Unknown Transferred to Clark AB, RP probably in 1976
Einstein S790  
Elf K002 Also at Takhli RTAFB
Fritz 20M0  
Fritz 646M  
George 01X1  
Grey Unk #  
Hansi M542  
Hasso 0K73  
Heineken V001  
Herman 05M0  
Joe 6M43 At Ubon RTAFB
Junior S990 At Ubon RTAFB and Nakhon Phanom (NKP) 
Kiko X092  
King 0M24  
King 0M54  
King 5K79  
King 754A  
King 8A63 Also at Ubon RTAFB
King X138  
King X613  
Lex-Loci  X075  
Lightning 0S44  
Lobo 17M4  
Lucky 95M5  
Major 85M7  
Major  V040  
Major   85M7 Transferred to Osan, Korea 1976
Marcus 02M2  
Moose  000A Also at Ubon RTAFB
Morris W269  
Mr. Misty X851 Also at Don Muang, patrol/drug detector dog.
Nimo V010  
Nondo 36X8  
Pistol  7A56 Also served at Takhli RTAFB
Poncho Villa 42M8  
Prince 46M4  
Prince 839X  
Prince 8A14  
Prince  18M5 Also at Nakhon Phanom (NKP)
Randy X437  
Rango 7M01  
Rebel 48M2  
Reggie  09X7 Also at Udorn RTAFB
Rex 70M6  
Rex 7A98  
Rex 8X96  
Rex M704  
Rex X939  
Rick 13A4  
Richie 267A  
Ringo 109M Also at Takhli RTAFB
Rogue 039M  
Rover M610  
Salvadore 71M1  
Sam 83M7  
Sam 983M At Takhli RTAFB - Returned to Lackland 1976
Sarge 617X  
Savage  77A2 Also served at Takhli RTAFB
Shadow X117  
Shin W188  
Smokey 23M2  
Smokey X742 Also at Takhli RTAFB
Smokey 41A0  
Smoky 23M2  
Sport 66M2  
Sport M904  
Static Unk #  
Stony 114M  
Teddy M689  
Tequilla  86M7 Also at Takhli RTAFB
Toby 1K32  
Troy 63M7  
Tuck X065 At Don Muang: patrol/drug detector dog
Tuffy X446  
Turbo A745  
Wolfgang Rango Unk #  
Yogi Z074  

At the end of the American cavalry era, the Army disposed of its horses by machine gunning them to death. In our war, the dogs were treated the same way. Only it was done in a more “humane” manner. Some excess dogs were reassigned to other bases but most were killed. The US Military has pledged never to dispose of military working dogs in such a manner again. A change in the law now allows  military dogs to be retired after their service is completed. 

Please Read  Death of a Warrior   

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