Dogs of

Don Muang


Name Brand # Remarks
Boozer Unk #  
Brill Y228 Also At Korat, RTAFB
Dino 968M Also At U-Tapao, RTAFB
Duke 571M Also served at Takhli & Nakhon Phanom (NKP)
Lux 2B47  
Misty X851 Also served at Korat RTAFB
Rebel * 8M12 Also served at U-Tapao RTAFB & Ubon RTAFB
Shep * 80M3 TDY from Clark AB with John Probst
Tuck * X065 Also served at Korat RTAFB
Yeager Unk #  



Mr. Misty (photo above) # X581 was on of the first four sentry dogs at Korat to be retrained as a patrol dog and later as a narcotic detector dogs. Misty was transferred to Don Mung with handler John Lacivita. 
Photo & Caption Courtesy of Terry (James T.) Strickland

At the end of the American cavalry era, the Army disposed of its horses by machine gunning them to death. In our war, the dogs were treated the same way. Only it was done in a more “humane” manner. Some excess dogs were reassigned to other bases but most were killed. The US Military has pledged never to dispose of military working dogs in such a manner again. A change in the law now allows  military dogs to be retired after their service is completed. 

Please Read  Death of a Warrior  

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