Access to each teeth was different from what I was used to. 
But, the anatomy of the teeth was the same. 

Rex was under general anesthesia for over 3 hours that day. Even though we had locked both clinic doors to assure "security" of this covert operation, everyone and their grandmother seemed to show up at the clinic for a peek and, of course, pictures. There was no keeping this quiet. In those days, Veterinary Dentistry was unheard of and the only way that I knew how to treat that K-9 soldier was the same way that I treated his 2-legged counterparts. I did 2 root canal fillings on the fractured canines and prepared them both for crowns. 

Photo Above: "Doc" Engelmeier, Vic & Dr Art Kobal, (another dentist) 

Continued at Dentist-3




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