The Dogs of
Cam Ranh Bay AB
Name Brand # Remarks
Ace 5F03  
Bingo 1K43 Also at Phu Cat AB
Blackie A671  
Blaze 0B54  
Bruno 718E  
Buddy A976  
Buddy Boy A056  
Buffy 87M3  
Bullet A535  
Bullet A874  
Cadet A945  
Caesar 24A0  
Caesar E955  
Casey 3F52  
Ceasar 538X  
Chinook A005  
Chris 343F  
Cochise A125  
Colonel X080  
Commander M217  
Derrick A604  
Devil 090F  
Dobe  7X49 Also at Pleiku AB
Duke 0A64  
Duke 343E Also at Nha Trang AB
Duke 383M  
Duke 3A30 Also at Da Nang AB
Duke 604M  
Duke 789F AKA Junior
Dutch A370  
Dymo 080F  
Eric 2A25  
Eric A839  
Flash 670F  
Flash A977  
Fritz 0B77  
Fritz 21X4  
Fritz 4A97  
Fritz 999F  
Giant A905 Also at Phu Cat AB
Geisha A871  
George 741M Also at Phu Cat AB
George A950  
Gerry A911  
Gretchen 792F  
Gunnar 091X  
Gus 613F  
Haas 430X  
Hans 362F  
Hansie A923 Also at Da Nang AB & Bien Hoa AB
Hap 7X62 Also at Phu Cat AB
Heidi A793  
Heino 0H94  
Hobo M793 Also  at Phu Cat AB
Jack 229E Also at Phan Rang AB
Jackson 8F14  
Jeff 679F  
Jo 008X  
Kelly 587M Also at Tan Son Nhut AB 
Kernal 178F  
Kim 0A00  
Kim 360F At Phan Rang AB, Tan Son Nhut AB & Thuy Hoa
King 7X45  
King 976M  
Kingaroo 148F  
Kipp 9F77  
Kobuc X448 Also at Da Nang AB
Kuma Unk #  
Little Joe 113F  
Lobo X020  
Lucky 864F  
Lucky A932 Also at Phan Rang AB
Major 0E07  
Major 27M7 Also at Ubon RTAFB
Major 989F  
Max  M183 Also at Phu Cat AB
Mickey X515  
Mike 73M9  
Mingo 30A0  
Morgan A501  
Nebo 208F Also at BH
Nicky 709F  
Niki A017 Also at Phan Rang AB 
Pal E711 Also at Tan Son Nhut AB 
Pepper 1A75  
Pepper 927F  
Prince 399E  
Prince 422F Also at PR 
Princess Unk #  
Ranch Ace E896  
Rebel 8M89  
Rebel 913F Also at Da Nang AB 
Rex 284E  
Rex 470E  
Rex A836  
Rinny 969F  
Robon 801A  
Rock X536  
Rommel 11M9  
Sabre 2B16  
Sabre M202  
Scout 393F Also at Da Nang AB & Phan Rang AB
Sentry A249 Also at Phu Cat AB
Selig  7A96 Also at Phu Cat AB
Shadow 0A10   
Shadow 450F  
Shep 0A12  
Sheppy 9F79 Also at Thuy Hoa
Shotz A955  
Smokey A912 Also at Phu Cat AB
Smokey E961  
Spade 3A43  
Spike 691F  
Sugar A953 Also at PR AB
Sunny 104X  
Teko X477 Also at BT & Phu Cat AB
Thunder 05A1  
Thunder A944 Also at Phu Cat AB
Thunder X976  
Toby 4A81  
Tye A075 Also at Tan Son Nhut AB 
Valentine 3F38  
Victor A051 Also at Da Nang AB & Phan Rang AB
Vulcan 5F73  
Wolf 079M Also at Phu Cat AB
Wolf 150X  
Wolf 4F59  
Zeus Unk #  
Zip E882  


At the end of the American cavalry era, the Army disposed of its horses by machine gunning them to death. In our war, the dogs were treated the same way. Only it was done in a more “humane” manner. Some excess dogs were reassigned to other bases but most were killed. The US Military has pledged never to dispose of military working dogs in such a manner again. A change in the law now allows  military dogs to be retired after their service is completed. 

Please Read  Death of a Warrior   

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