Đà Nàng AB

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© 1995, by Harry Wallace CMS (Ret)

366th SPS, Đà Nàng AB 1965-1966

This story occurred while I was NCOIC of the S.P. Investigation Section at Đà Nàng AB, RVN in 1966.  A USMC 2cd Lt and a USMC Sgt spoke to a young USAF A1C at our motor pool and asked when he took lunch.  The Airman said that he always went between 1200 and 1300 hours.  At this point the Marine types left.  When the Airman returned from lunch that day he found the fire truck missing.  He reported it to me.  Naturally I figured the Marines had it and made my way down to Marines CID to ask about it.  After about a week I, got a call to come down to a hanger on the Marine side.  Sure enough there was our Fire truck all painted in marine colors (Grey).
       Ironically, during this period we had a shortage of Jeeps which our CO made up for by going to the port where there were Marine Jeeps parked.  About every other night we "confiscated" a couple.  Our motor pool wouldn't service the jeeps much less fuel them, so we created our own "Motor Pool".  Well after a while a Marine came looking for the Jeeps and I had to admit that I had one myself. Since I was rotating in two weeks I asked if I could keep it until then.  He agreed, but I had to personally deliver it to him.  I often wonder about this Jeep adventure and wonder if other SP's did the same thing.


Reprinted from VSPA Guardmount - April 1995

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