Đà Nàng Air Base
USAF Security Police
366th SPS K-9

Photos by Robert Kendrick
© , 1998

Da Nang-robert-kendrick-monkey-mountain
[1] Monkey Mountain, overlooking Đà Nàng AB, RVN, 1969.

Da Nang-robert-kendrick-pontoon-bridge
[2] Temporary pontoon bridge to right. Bridge to left was blown.
Back to Đà Nàng AB, RVN.

Da Nang-robert-kendrick-k9-hq-01
[3] Headquarters for the 366th SPS K-9, Đà Nàng Air Base, 1969.
'Vietnam Beautiful' Project pays off for K-9 landscaping!
(Note the bathtub to the right in the garden)

Da Nang-robert-kendrick-k9-guardmount
[4] Guardmount prior to post assignment with vicious K-9 Sentry Dogs.
Airman, I know I said there's no such thing as a STUPID Question
... on the other hand....

Da Nang-robert-kendrick-k9-hq-02
[5] Hurry up and wait.

Da Nang-robert-kendrick-k9-01
[6] Down Boy... wait 'till he's not lookin' then scare the...

Da Nang-robert-kendrick-k9-02
[7] Hey... wanna pet'em? I wan'ta feed'em early tonight.

Da Nang-robert-kendrick-k9-03
[8] Hey, You---with the camera... ya got'a one-second head-start!

Da Nang-robert-kendrick-k9-04
[9] Time's UP!

Da Nang-robert-kendrick-k9-05
[10] The way outta here? Why... right through that
chain-linked gate to your right---my left---partner.

(Now, who said those K-9 pukes weren't friendly?)

Da Nang-robert-kendrick-Da NangGang
[11] Off Duty! Pain-ing No Feel... Felling No Pin ... Feeling No Pain!


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