Distinguished Flying Cross
Đà Nàng AB
2nd Air Force Inspector General's Office

Awarded the
Distinguished Flying Cross
16 March 1970

Base / Date
Kastner, William K.
Đà Nàng Air Base, 16 March 1970
Distinguished Flying Cross
Purple Heart
On March 16, 1970, SSgt William K. Kastner, a security policeman assigned to the 2nd Air Force Inspector General's office, was an intelligence observer on an 0-2B aircraft near Đà Nàng AB, Vietnam, when the aircraft was hit by ground fire. Although seriously wounded, SSgt Kastner continued to relay vital intelligence data to friendly forces. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross and a second Air Medal for his actions."1

USAF O-2B aircraft
The 0-2 was an all metal, four seat business aircraft designed by Cessna to be easy to fly, low in cost, yet still offer the safety and comfort of a twin engine plane. Equipped as forward air control aircraft in Vietnam, Skymasters were used for reconnaissance, target identification, damage assessment and air to ground coordination. Some aircraft were even equipped with three 600 Watt amplified speakers and leaflet pods for psychological warfare operations. The 0-2 had dual controls and could carry many types of light weapons including rockets, flares, bombs and miniguns. The O-2 can fly on either engine by itself and is still popular today among private pilots. Only 31 O-2B's were ordered from Cessna by the U.S. Air Force.

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