Đà Nàng AB
Moon Walker
366th SPS, K-9

by Frank Herschler/Lobo,

K-9, Đà Nàng AB 1969-1970

How well I remember the brave Air Force K-9 handlers and dogs at Đà Nàng Air Base. As you know, Đà Nàng was considered an "R&R" post for Marine handlers... at least until they got there. I still don't know why it was ever considered that -- there was plenty of stuff that hit the fan there, regularly.

[Photo: USAF B-52 landed at Đà Nàng AB
with battle damge from Hanoi bombing mission]

Da Nang Air Base:B-52 emergency landing with battle damage.

can still see clearly the AF handler, 1967, guarding what was left of a
B-52 that had crashed on the South end of the air strip. He had no place to cover and was always under sniper fire! One night me and Scott Kerr left our post and with our dogs went over to see if the AF K-9 needed help.

He told us, "The little F'er can't hit the side of a barn!" That Air Force K-9 guy was standing upright, returning fire, and yelling at the VC! He was yelling, "Come out in the open -- you little coward -- so I can put one in your ass!"

In 1969 & 1970, when I was in our rear, me and Bill Lindburg, another handler, were sent to the strip. I told Bill where the Air Force handlers had to walk and Bill said that we should be between the fences too -- If they will walk there, so will we!

I had as much respect for AF Handlers as any Grunt I knew. May God always Bless those that are still alive -- and have the other Handlers setting up the Hooch for the party when we all get there.

Semper Fi,
Frank/Lobo 990-X

I had Lobo on both tours. I worked mostly with CAP, and RECON. I had a great friend that I didn't get to say "Goodbye" to. His name is Bill Lindburg. He was from Long Beach, Cal. We were at L.Z. Ross in Feb. 1970. He went to OP Ryder and a day later I was rotated. I would love to hear from him and anyone else that I served with.

About LOBO: Well he was the best at mines and detecting ambushes. He really saved alot of asses in the CAP units that we worked with. We worked mostly with 1st. and 4th. CAP. Words can't explain how much I miss that guy!


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