Mar. 16, 1970 EC121 Crash at Đà Nàng


March 16, 1970
Nine crew survive crash of VQ-1
23 Dead.
EC-121 at Đà Nàng, Vietnam.
 A B&W looking toward the Navy AWACS EC-121 crash that crashed into
            the baseball field next to the power plant. March 16, 1970
[Bob Kuzmicki photo]
 Another view of the crash
[Bob Kuzmicki photo]
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16 March 1970
EC-121 Crash - Đà Nàng Air Base, RVN
Memorial Site
(Below photos, and many others can be viewed at the Memorial Site link)
by Jack Peterson and Gerald W. Martin
Det- of Crash: David (Dave) S. Branks We Take Care of Our Own
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