Da Nang AB: F-102 aircraft parked in revetments South end of parking ramp, were destroyed in Sapper Attack, 1 July 1965.
Đà Nàng AB, 1 July 1965: F-102s Destroyed by Sappers!
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Mike Bush, (MSgt, USAF Security Police - Retired) : [As related by A1C "Joseph"]:
Airman Al Handy was TDY from George AFB, and had been in country about a week. A then-friend of mine, an A1C Joseph (can't remember the first name) who was part of the Response Force and some distance from where I was posted, later related the following to me:


As we swept down the taxiway, Handy came running and stumbling toward our group shouting his name. When he reached us, he said that he was out of ammunition, and wanted to get more!

According to A1C Joseph, Handy was really a mess, and could barely talk coherently. At some point, Handy was transported back to the compound, and OSI grabbed him to debrief him about the death of SSgt Jensen.

The next thing I knew I was being taken to the dispensary. The attack, as far as I knew, was still happening.  But I was not taken to CSC -- I was taken to the dispensary. I do know that I was covered with blood and guts from Terri’s wounds.  I don’t know if they thought I was wounded. They made the decision to go to the dispensary.  I was cleaned up by the medics and my uniform cut off me from the cramping in my legs from taking cover in that small fox hole.

When OSI showed up they didn’t give me a chance to ask them anything about anything. They were very hostile toward me from the first question. I don’t know why, but they acted as if they weren’t even aware the base was under attack (it still was not secure at that point), and apparently thought for some reason that I had actually shot SSgt Jensen. They didn’t ask me “what happened” they just made wild accusations.

Someone came in and wanted to know why I shot Terry . He didn’t identify himself or who they were. I was angered and confused by such a question. Couldn’t they see the burning aircraft and hear the explosions? I wondered.

No one questioning me had identified themselves to me. I had no idea who they were – and still don’t. I said that I didn’t shoot SSgt Jensen! They handed me a note pad and told me to write everything down.

Write down everything -- what the hell had just happened to me? I couldn’t believe what was happening now, and didn’t know why I was being treated that way. Later I heard they were OSI. 

While the OSI were grilling me – and that’s what they were doing -- I was there writing, when a Captain came in loving-on-me -- a full arm wrapping hug -- hugging me and holding me -- and he was very emotional.  That really caught me off guard – I was being accused [by OSI] of killing Sergeant Jensen and now here’s some guy hugging me and telling me I saved his life!

It was like some sick good-cop bad-cop routine and I was really at the breaking point of just losing it. I had to push the Captain away and asked him just what he was doing to me.  He said he and 25 other crew members were in that large bunker Terry had sent me to, and the Captain said he saw the whole thing. He thanked me profusely, pumping my hand until I thought it would fall off, for saving their lives, and then he left.

Wish I would have gotten his name for verification now. I had no idea that anyone out there in the tents or on the flight line and could see what was happening -- maybe Terry knew they were all inside and that’s why he sent me there.  I do know the man was the Captain in charge of the aircraft crew and mechanics crew that were in the bunker the sappers were going to blow up and that after getting into a fire fight with me they suddenly broke off and took off. I believe that Captain was from Clark AB. At least that's where the aircraft came TDY from, I was told. 

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