USAF Security Police


Photos by Jerry McDaniel
© , 1998

Đông Hà Air Field AB Security Police HQ - Underground
Korat RTAFB, Security Police Command & Security Contol HQ.

Đông Hà Air Field AB, Berm, Eastside of Compound
Đông Hà Air Field AB, Berm on the Eastside of the Compound. Bunkers waiting for action.

Đông Hà Air Field AB, Radar
One of the TAC Radar units at Đông Hà Air Field. Also, across the road from us was a SAC radar unit.
I understood it helped coordinate B-52 strikes. Shortly before I left Đông Hà Air Field it took a direct hit
  from artillery and all the radar trucks were destroyed. Fortunately, no one was injured. I was on
post that night guarding the SAC unit. We all made it safely into a bunker.

Đông Hà Air Field AB, Direct Hit & one KIA -1
A quantset hut took a direct hit from a 140mm rocket. One AF personnel
was killed, A1C Wolfgang Haegele, I believe he was a radar tech.

Đông Hà Air Field AB, DirectHit - Truck
A rocket hit under a deuce and 1/2. That's me in the hole.

Đông Hà Air Field AB, Rocket
140mm rocket that was captured by a Marine Recon patrol
shortly after the attack. Displayed in our personell office.

Đông Hà Air Field AB, Twin 40
An Army unit brought in a twin 40 anti-aircraft gun that was
brought in to protect our eastern berm line after we received
several mortar attacks.

I always wondered what happened to Korat RTAFB. I left the base in July of 1967.

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