366th Security Police Squadron, Det.
Đông Hà Air Field
Waterboy Radar Site

by Frank Lewicki
© 2002


We were the 366th SPS from Đà Nàng, it was strictly volunteer,a small force of
no more then 20 men,to guard the radar site called waterboy at that time.

Đông Hà Air Field 1968, Steel runway, with trenches near where aircraft taxi
to unload cargo bue to being in range of NVA artillery.

Đông Hà Air Field New bunker's build by a Redhorse unit, I think.

Đà Nàng Orphanage photos.

Đông Hà Air Field 1967 Firing Range.

Đông Hà Air Field PSP Runway.

Safe Pass

Frank Lewicki and Stan.

Frank Lewicki, Waterboy post.