Air Police / Security Police
Cam Ranh Bay AB
483rd Security Police Squadron

Photos by Steven Ray, 1972-1973


 CRB 18
1) 483rd Tactical Airlift Wing patch 

CRB 18
2) 483rd SPS 3) Pacific Air Forces patch

CRB 17b
4) 483rd Security Police Squadron.

CRB 17b
5) Phantom Flight Patch (Night Base Security), 483rd SPS.

CRB 01 CRB 02
6) Security Police Hootch Bar.         Steve Ray.

CRB 03
7) Herky Hill Barracks

CRB 03b
8) Herky Hill Barracks

CRB 04
9) Incoming Choppers during the Easter Offensive 1972

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