122 Alarm Clock!

Cam Ranh Bay Air Base
483rd SPS

by Steve Ray

122 Alarm Clock - While in the Air Force I served with the 483rd Security Police Squadron at Cam Ranh Bay AB Air Base, Vietnam. One morning we took 122 mm rocket fire and per SOP I immediately rolled out of my bunk and onto the floor. My best buddy, Terry Lunsford, who slept in the top bunk, was laughing and was generally just cracking up. After the last round exploded I jumped up and asked what he found so darn funny?

      Terry explained that he was already awake and was listening to the Armed Forces Radio network and Loretta Lynn was singing "... but here in Topeka the rain is a fallin', the faucet is drippen' and the kids are ballin', one of them is toddlin' and one is crawlin' and one's on the way.

      When Loretta crooned "ONE'S ON THE WAY" the first rocket hit with its distinctively loud Ka-Boom! Terry and I still get a laugh when we visit each other and think about that song.

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