Air Police / Security Police
Cam Ranh Bay AB

Photos by John "Jack" King
Th is is at Cam Ranh Bay AB Feb. 1970. I was assigned to the Quebeck team.

I must have let the lifers know how happy I was, because in March 1970
I was sent up to the Cat.

Remember those sandbags!? They were everywhere!
A week up on the outpost of Hill 151 at Cam Ranh Bay AB,
approximately spring of 1970, and it appears that
I was loving it.

I was also loving Tango 4 at Cam Ranh Bay AB around fall of 1970.
Hey, Numba Ten G.I. dinga daw... me no VC... you got chop, chop?

I always had a lot of confidence, after dark, the way the wire kept the locals out. That was an every day event at Cam Ranh Bay AB. The only way to get rid of them was to throw some "rats" at them. At one point it got so bad that they (lifers) ordered us to shoot flares at them! I know this is hard to believe but it is true. This lasted for a few weeks untill someone figured out that a serious injury could occur. Twice while I was there our guys accidentally shot kids with flares while attempting to scare them with their weapons. Any way, I will send more pictures as I get them... I have to rely on one of my men who has his twenty five years in on 8-1, and is so short he's not afraid of me at all!
Me, at the maingate at Bienhoa March, 1972.
You...   Wanna ... Go Where?
I DON'T THINK SO! We Take Care of Our Own
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