CRB:Vietnam Brotherhood

483rd Security Police Squadron
Cam Ranh Bay AB

Photos by Douglas Gorski, 1970
© 1999

Tango Area

CRB Closeup of Doug Gorski
Close up of Doug Gorski.

CRB Closeup of Doug Gorski   CRB Closeup of Doug Gorski
Bob Duarte                       Dave Coursey

CRB Closeup of Doug Gorski   CRB Closeup of Doug Gorski
Doug Gorski                           Nick Caliendo

CRB Baseball - 1   CRB SPS  Hooch # 4490
Cam Ranh Bay AB: Airmen playing ball. Ready to pitch.

CRB Baseball - 2
Airman ready to catch. Vietnam could not stop the baseball games.

CRB Baseball - 3   CRB Baseball - 4
Try'ta catch it this time!           Try not'ta toss it over my head!

CRB crb-Gorski-FiringRange
Cam Ranh Bay AB Air Base Firing Range.

CRB Firing Rang Outhouse - 1
All the Comforts of Home.

CRB Firing Rang Outhouse - 2
Crescent Moon?

CRB Old French Bunker - 1
An old French concrete Bunker.

CRB Old French Bunker - 2
Close up.

CRB SP on the Beach

"Alone": Security Police posted at the Cam Ranh Bay AB beach, south China Sea.

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