Air Police / Security Police
12th APS
Cam Ranh Bay AB
Steve Gattis

VSPA Crests & Patches


I've watched the page and links improve for a couple of years now and was really happy to see the VSPA Crests & Patches. I've been trying to collect the patches just from the units I was in while serving as an AP/SP. Attached are color scans of patches from my SP Flight at Cam Ranh Bay AB. I went to the reunion in October 1998 and spent time with guys I hadn't seen in 30 years, including two that were hootchmates. I was the only one that still had these patches from Phantom Flight. We worked only at night, all night and usually got a night off every 30 to 45 days.

CRB Phantom Flight Patch - 1 CRB:12th SPS, Phantom Patch - 2

CRB:12th SPS White Horse Patch

crb-steve-gattis-New-Oscar41-a crb-steve-gattis-New-Oscar41-c

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