Air Police / Security Police
Cam Ranh Bay AB

Photos by Dave Dobson, 1970

CRB Oscar 43 - 1

CRB Oscar 43 - 2

Cam Ranh Bay AB: Tower Oscar 43, on the north west perimeter of the base. A close-up (right) of the Tower reveals the SP guarding-hard. A close-up below of the concertina rolled-wire at the Tower's base.

... the night is coming.
CRB Oscar 43 - c


Here is a view across the bay from Oscar 41,
a rare sight for those of us who worked all night.
This picture is of the old bunker at Oscar 41 before
they built a new one out of MD3 matting.


It got cold at night!
There were two ways to warm up:
Drink strong coffee...


... or fire this.

crb-Dobson-k9-a   crb-Dobson-k9-b
12th Security Police K-9!


We had a sniper who would take pot shots at us from time to time. I do not know who Stalion was after, but after that night---no more sniping.


If you look where the skids of the chopper should be you will see hot streams of casings being ejected---that's how hot they were!

A Dustoff chopper landing at the hospital which was next to the SP hootch area.


His head is raised slightly,
 so I guess he's okay.


QW Firing.
Cam Ranh Bay AB in the background.


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