Getting Backup From God
Chaplain Steve Janke
483rd SPS, Cam Ranh Bay,
K-9, 1970-1971

Getting Backup From God
Isaha.58: 11

Sometimes Vietnam Vets isolate themselves from others wither intentionally or without knowledge. We all remember bow important BACKUP was to us in Vietnam and bow important "What is your location?" was. Every day brings its own challenges and perplexities. When we lose our way and can't find the path Hew will direct every step of the path, every hour of the day, every day of the year of our life if we will but be guided. This promise however is made to only those who inverse ten are helping those around them. If we show concern for them, God promises His care and guidance to us.

Jesus is not the "BACKUP" for misers, or those who oppress the less fortunate, or those entrusted to us (family). So let us all endeavor to care for those around us (not isolate) so our backup (Jesus)can get to us... What is your location?

Our hopes and prayers are for a speedy recovery for Danny Williams and Howard Pough... Both have had surgery.

A Chapel Service is being planned for the Sunday morning of our next reunion in Washington D.C. We encourage your attendance if you are planning to make the reunion, During the service we will also be remembering our fellow comrades that were killed in action. If anyone plays a musical instrument and would like to help in planning the service please call me. (201-507-9038)

Chaplain Steve Janke
2Cor 1:8-10

 Reprinted from VSPA Guardmount - Apr 1998
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