How Do I Get Free From Fear?
Chaplain Steve Janke
483rd SPS, Cam Ranh Bay AB,
 K-9, 1970-1971

How Do I Get Free From Fear?

There are alot of symptoms of PTSD: depression, anger, guilt, hyper alertness, fear and many others. Fear can be a powerful emotion. The Apostle John wrote, "Perfect love casteth out fear, for fear has torment." The main cause of fear is an excessive concern about one's self: self preservation, self image, what the future holds for one's self. Those feelings may not hit the surface, but they are the real cause of fear. If a person is filled with love for someone else, then the focus is away from self and on the other person. The perfect love that comes from Christ should fill our lives. As it does it crowds out all the fear. Knowledge and experience can help us crowd out fear. We fear the unknown and are comfortable with the familiar. Even as fear tends to inhibit action and bring paralysis, in like manner, action tends to dispel fear.

King David the warrior wrote, "The Lord is my shepherd... I will fear no evil." We should remind ourselves over and over that God is all-powerful and that His protection is sufficient for any need. Some fear is healthy. We should fear or respect fire, electricity, bullets, bankruptcy, and God Himself. Some fears are totally false and inflicted. God's Word brings peace and casts out fear. The Psalmist said God inhabits the praises of His people.

I had a good feeling coming home from California and the Dedication of the War Dog Memorial. I felt honored to be one of the speakers. Truly those dogs were a gift from God to help many feel safe and to bring many home safe. It was good to see many from our VSPA there. Thanks for being there and for all your support. Having good friends drives away fear too.

Sincerely Yours,

Steve Janke, Chaplain VSPA

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