Air Police / Security Police
Cam Ranh Bay AB

Photos, Courtesy of 12th TFW Photo Album
(Photos/comments by Peter Bird, 535 TAS pilot, 1971)

(1) This view of Cam Ranh is from the East. The two runways, aligned 02-20, are visible in the center of the picture. West runway was 10,000 feet of concrete, while the East runway was 10,000 feet of aluminum planking.

(2) South Beach. This view of Cam Ranh is of the southern tip of the Cam Ranh peninsula looking generally Northwest from the air. The Navy had this little paradise staked out as the site of their Officers Club. We visited whenever we could.
(3) This view of Cam Ranh is looking Northeast from the top of a hill on the road heading down to South Beach. People pay big bucks to stay at beaches like this, but at the time it was hard to appreciate. We Take Care of Our Own
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