Cam Ranh Bay AB, 1967
12th Security Police Squadron
© 2012, by Frank Pilson

45 Was born on April 25, 1967.

Forty five was born on April 25 1967. How can I be sure that 45 was born on date? That is date I left USAF and Nam.  After spending year of playing with guns and living in a tent for a year. What more fun could I have in Southeast Asia!

4/23/2012 3:17:21 PM---- I have been looking back at events of 46 years ago, April 28 1966. My year of starting having fun in sun, now two days away from being home 45 years is real date to celebrate, “Life”.
In year of April 2012 time has changed all of us. We were forced to grow up adjust to life in war zone in April 1966.

Yesterday—the high point was going to luncheon celebrating my volunteer service in tutoring.  I was wearing my Nam Service hat. I have two bumper stickers on back of my truck about Nam service My wife has license plate, “Wife of Nam Vet” Where would many of us be without support of our better halves’.

Forty five years ago I was a short timer according to my FIGMO calendar.   Today the important events of the day, weekly trash, wash, getting my wife hot lunch, tutoring lesson for this week, and cooking dinner.  It sure beats rats and rat race.  I have texted my grandson, we are going out for lunch on Tuesday.   I just made dinner for my wife.

Looking back 45 years ago, I was coming home, that’s all that mattered. I had survived my first and last war.  I was throwing out all military items on my way home. Those items are now worth some big bucks. Money was not issue then, coming home was most important.

On April 28 2012 they are having Welcome Home parade for soldiers from today’s wars. I must have missed our parades given to us when we all came home.  I still have strong feelings about No parades for us in 1960’s and 1970’s.  The one parade was our VSPA parade in Washington DC.  It was 25th anniversary of the Wall.

4/24/2012 10:29:15 AM – today is Election Day. Remember vote often for somebody. I am going out with my grandson today for lunch. Forty five years ago grandkids were something in future.  Most of us were in our early 20’s and going to live forever.  Now in April 2012 many of our peers have died or have major physical injuries.

I was waiting in Saigon for the ride  back home to Land of Big BX.  Since this family article, I stayed away from all those sin areas of Saigon.  I remember I took my first hot shower in officers’ shower.  They had three choices, Officers. NCO and  enlisted men. I was going to be a civilian in few days. Goodbye USAF and Nam.

4/25/2012 9:57:26 AM—Life seems to go little faster today then 45 years ago. I was coming home to many people who objected to us and war. The major Vets groups didn’t want us, we didn’t fight in real war  Now in 2012 Vets are returning to Welcome Home parades.  I could have dose of real self pity in 1967 or 2012 or LIVE LIFE.

I have chosen to live life. My wife is very glad I came home 45 years ago. My wife reminds me she got engaged 20 years ago on April 28 1992.  I asked my wife to change her tax status from single to married.  Now in 2012 per gods of VA new title Wife of record.  My wife tells me no in-trades are allowed. Since their opinions are our opinions and correct opinions?

I was showing my grandson pictures of Sandtown RVN. He was very interested in them. We were talking about his future. I offered some suggestions; time will be the judge to see if they took root.  My daughter has just found job after being out of work for many months. My father told me to take long vacation and don’t rush into job. It will be only time in life you will not be working.  How right was my father in 1967? I spent about five months on vacation.  Now in 2012 been on vacation for 2 years.  I am writing article about Nam 45 years later.   I have my weekly tutoring today.  My son is runner and is running in his first relay race at U of Penn Relays    Most of us never had kids before our Nam service. After Nam service I wanted kids and education.

Today, I got basic education in PTSD.  A fellow USAF and Nam Vet had PTSD attack.  He told me in the past he had no problems with PTSD.  He had a major attack of PTSD.  I have had many PTSD attacks but never witnessed one.  I knew what to do and started to talk down and re-direct the attack. I guess having PTSD helps one to know how to help a friend in need.  Time seems to stand- still during the attack.  It was like riding a bicycle, helping was 2nd nature. It was learning experience for me. I know why God put me in this program; It was to help fellow Nam vet.  I called my wife and we talked about it, Dr Frank, Phd. in PTSD.

4/26/2012 10:34:48 AM-------46  years ago TDY in Calif for two days of M16 training.  After all our hard work time to see the native women dance in their birthday suits.  It was very hard choice USAF Training that made no sense or GIRLS!

4/27/2012 10:59:17 AM-------today 46 years ago left USA via Hawaii via PI to Saigon RVN... today... here, the big  news of the day weekly food shopping,  getting lunch for working wife, tutoring this PM etcetras.

4-28-2012----- bye bye normal life welcome to land of crazies ?!?

4/29/2012 9:29:07 AM—first full day in fun land?

Forty Six years plus one
In Nam
The End
The beginning
Will I change?

Written by Frank Pilson

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