Binh Thuy Air Base
632nd SPS
Photos by Hector Ramos, Sgt
Binh Thuy AB RVN
632nd SPS 1969


Photo: Hector Ramos in bunker in front of C7 tower
I was stationed at Binh Thuy AB in 1969 & worked on Devil Flt as a tower guard most of my tour there.

What I'd like to relate here and now is something that occurred years later in 1988 as a result of an inquiry in the form of a letter from a lady in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Mrs. Erlyce Pekas had been engaged to A1C Millard W. Lehman, 632 SPS who had been KIA at Binh Thuy in 1966. In her letter & in subsequent conversations I had with her I was touched by her desire to provide a meaningful memorial to her fiancée and particularly his parents. She was seeking any photographs of the memorial that was erected by his fellow Airmen near the NCO Club, but although I saw it and knew of it, I never photographed it. According to her letter the original plaque was presented to his parents when the Binh Thuy memorial was dismantled near the end of the war & presented to his folks in Tucson, Arizona.

It's been 13 years since and I've lost contact with Mrs. Pekas as well as my own service mates, but it has always bugged me that I was not able to provide her with what could have gone a long way in offering closure in her loss. Until now. When I discovered the VSPA it became clear to me from the contributions of Sgt Duke Windsor's letter & pictures of the memorial from him and others, that Airman Lehman's memory still lives in the hearts of his brothers. If I could contact (I've tried) Erlyce now, what better way to let her know that there is a place where she, friends and family can see for themselves the tributes to Air Force Security Police that the VSPA displays by those that served before, beside him and after.

I still have the letter & inserts that she sent me back in '88 and would like to donate them to the VSPA. If we can get help in locating her
[click on above letter & inserts] it may be possible to get her permission to print the letter & let her know that I never forgot about it.

Please provide an address where I can separately mail you copies of the letter & inserts if you feel this story will have valid interest.

Hector Ramos, Sgt
Binh Thuy AFB RVN
632 SPS 1969


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All photos taken between Feb 69 & Jan 70.

001 Hector Ramos.
Yeah, there are a lot of pictures of me... but let's face it
... all the other guys are too ugly to take pictures of.

002 Ramos and....

003 Luke: "Arf Arf... "
(I warned you they were ugly!)

004 k9 Luke & handler (name?)

005 A1C Donald Ashby of Devil Flt

006 Al B Warr of Devil Flt

007 On perimeter Rd (name?)

008 Perimeter Rd & tower 15A

009 SAT Team on APC Al Warr, Kirkpatrick & ?

010 Outside the hootch before work-Roberson, Davis & Gwynn of Devil Flt

011 Chester Bland at Main Gate

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