Binh Thuy AB...
632nd SPS

by Bill Garmire

I just found your site, and was very interested in the photos from Binh Thuy AB, 632nd SPS; I was assigned to this great squadron from something like July 1967 through about November 1968, working Night Security Officer for most of the time. And yes, that's more than one year - I extended to avoid going to Grand Forks ND with SAC to work deep under the prairie as an ICBM Launch Control Crewmember. (But they got me anyway, just later than they expected).

The names of many of these guys has long faded away, but hope this helps with the photo album!
12) is, I think, the entrance to the Contonment area;
Photo 30) I think that's Airman Kneff, K-9, with a little girl
at the Catholic-run Orphanage in Can Tho;
Photo 32) I don't recall his name, but he worked in the Armory, adjacent to CSC;
Photo 40) SSgt Ron Gary with our squadron mascot, JP-4;
Photo 52) on the right, next to the white T-shirt, is Tech or Master Sgt Billy G. Suggs.
The fellow thumbing his nose is our First Sergeant Myron C Ebling. Other names are unknown.
Photo 54) Major Rupert on the right, yours truly in the middle,
acting stupid, and 1st Sgt Ebling on the left.


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