Ban Me Thuot Air Field, Camp Coryell

by Ken de Russy
TUY, 31st SPS; BMT, 31st SPS, TDY DET 9, 619 TCS
© 2007

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13) Ken de Russy: SP Tech School graduate, Lackland AFB, Texas, 1968.
(Ain't I purtty!)
14) SPS Det-9.
15) News article: Pacific Stars and Stripes.
16) Road outside the south perimeter.

Middle Right: Shot up Esso station that was kind of shocking to see. Right to the left of that image there is a crew of Vietnamese workers rebuilding the perimeter fence that was shot up in previous action. Fence repair crews had plenty of work as the perimeter gunners usually just opened up when the first round came in. Of course they took no care to avoid the fences!I suppose there was a logic to it as the VC used prelocated positions that were just outside the fence line. I remember stories of patrols finding the actual places where the base plates had made an impression in the ground. In fact the routine was that they would fire some number of rounds and then relocate to another prelocated position so as give us less chance to zero in on their location.

Middle Right: Get that camera outta' my face!


From: Bill Lumas (WJ LUMAS)
To: Ken de Russy

Was my last night in country after 15 months. Stayed out on bunker that night because it was a safer place to be. My hootch took 3 hits. Have photos of the damage and a piece of my 2nd flight hootch roof, complete with blue paint on it. My partner (crewchief) Ernie Plummer was in the hootch & got hit in the behind. They took him to the hospital before I could say good by or get his home address. Searched for him from time to time ever since. Found him last year, had great conversations. He was not well and I made arrangements to bring him to the reunion with me but his doctor said no. He died a few months ago. Sad that he past but it was wonderful to speak with him after so many years, he was a very special person.

Bill Lumas