3d Air Police Squadron

Biên Hòa AB Photos

Photos by Kerry Tolan
© 2000
Biên Hòa AB, 1971-1972


Please don't ask how I ended up stumbling on this site, when I was looking for Lackland info, but... I served in the SP detatchment at Biên Hòa from 1971 until it closed in 1972. Noticed you didn't have anything much from that time period. I've pictures and such I might be able to digitize and send if you're interested. Hhere are some pictures from Biên Hòa during the 1971-1972 tour of duty I had with the Security Police detachment there. Kerry Tolan
(1) Approach to Biên Hòa AB by helicopter.
(2) "Short Final" approach.
(3) This revetment had contained a bomb-ladened A-37 "Tweety Bird"
until a 122mm rocket dropped in front of it.
Note the Security Police jeep to the left.
4) Arclight -
(5) Barracks cut in half by a 122mm rocket.

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