3rd APS

Biên Hòa AB Photos

Photos by Raymond Morgan
© 1998
Biên Hòa flight line 1970
(1) BienHoa flight line: In flight emergency coming in!
(2) "Hey legs don't I look spiffy in my new jet!"
An A-37 aircraft taxing by some hangers oblivious to the emergency.
If you look through the hanger just above the pilot's head you can see
a crashing C-7 Caribou about to slam into the hanger! The pilot was
looking at us and we were yelling and waving frantically at him. He
never knew what the hell we were shouting about.
[Fortunately, the Caribou stopped just short of crashing into the hanger!]
(3) SP jeep wreck. It was full of SPs returning from a party the
South Vietnam Air Force SPs were giving for the 3rd SPS at the
Officer's Culb. No one was killed, but several SP's were hurt.

(And No... I wasn't in the jeep!)
(5) Biên Hòa Base Commander's BQ: Morgan Raymond
guy standing to my left is also a SP but I don't remember his name.
(6) Biên Hòa Bunker duty: Morgan Raymond. My brother took the photo.
(7) Biên Hòa Range, 40mm: We had just gotten them
checked out on them. I think they were called xm174's? They were
mounted on the A.P.C.'s just in time for the TET season.
(8) Biên Hòa Range,40mm: Rounds exploding down range.
(9) Biên Hòa Range, 40mm: This is what is left of a jeep. I don't
know if this jeep was the jeep the SP's wrecked. Maybe they wanted
us to get rid of the evidence!! HA. By today's standard's, the
40mm (XM174) is an antique, but in 1970 they were AWESOME!

More Morgan Raymond photos coming!
I will send some photo's of N.K.P.
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