Biên Hòa AB, RVN

by Kenton Miller, LTC,
Operations Officer, 3rd Security Police Squadron


FROM: Captain Verna


TO:       All Military Fighting Men of the 3rd SPS 

1.   PURPOSE: To provide Biên Hòa AB a reaction force to be deployed behind the enemy for harassment and interdiction following a mortar attack. 

2.   Concept of operation: The 57th and 58th Regional Forces will share alert standby duty on a rotating basis with the 3rd Security Police Squadron.  A flight of 45 men will be stationed at the 145th Aviation Battalion each night from 2200 hours until 0400 hours.  In the event a mortar attack occurs and firing positions are identified, this force will be deployed to preselected landing zones behind the enemy position to engage or harass them during their retreat.

3.   TRAINING: The 173rd Airborne Brigade Jungle School will provide training on tactics and maneuvers.  The start date is tentatively scheduled for 11 September.

4.   Manpower Requirements and Selection: To perform this duty and to minimize the commitment, I am requesting 45 men from "A" Flt and 45 men from "B" Flt to join this program.  With two groups of 45, each group will stand alert one night out of every six nights.

   a.  Because of the training provided, personnel with retainability are desired.  This should not prevent "Short Timers" from signing up.  With the number of personnel required "Short Timers: will be required to get us over the large loss of personnel training this squadron will sustain between 1 Oct and 31 Dec 1967.

   5.  Program Start Date:  We are hopeful that this program will be operational before 1 Oct 1967.  A great amount of training, procurement, coordination and planning is still ahead of us.

   6.  Deadline: All volunteers should have their names affixed to the roster NLT 1600 hours, 1 Sep 1967.

  7.  General:   I have been extremely proud and honored to be associated with this squadron to date. Your day performance has been outstanding and your support of  squadron policy and mission has been the finest I have witnessed in my career. Your cooperation and backing are necessary to make this program an effective and practical weapon against the Viet Cong. It will require personal sacrifice from each man in the form of reduced free time and comfort and exposure to hostile environment.  I am convinced, however, after three months in this squadron, you are prepared to make this sacrifice. 

  Security Operations Officer

Forty plus members of the squadron volunteered and were trained by the 173rd Airborne. We made a helicopter assault right before dusk, spent the night in a perimeter defense and the next day spent 6 or 7 hours patrolling through the jungle back to the base where we were met by Red Cross Donut Dollies. To my knowledge, this was the only helicopter assault behind enemy lines [in South Vietnam, 1967] by a USAF Security Police unit.

        Kent Miller

Reprinted from VSPA Guardmount - Apr 1996
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