Biên Hòa,
Bomb Dump Explosion, 1968

by James Lebowitz , Sgt
3rd SPS, Biên Hòa


Attached are some photos taken in April or May 68. The first group of photos were taken about April 1968. The VNAF had just opened their brand new bomb dump and shortly thereafter blew it up. The exact cause was never determined.

These photos show the VNAF blowing up their own bomb dump.

This picture is of me taken in CSC about May of 1968.
Ain't I Handsome!


The picture of the gate at Bien-Hoa was taken sometime in about Nov-Dec 1966.

The picture of the Vietnamese Policeman (white mice) was taken in Biên Hòa City in early 1967.

Him Numba-10
No Tip
GI s!

This is followed by a picture of our faithful and hardworking mamasan.
I do not remember the name of the guy pictured with her. We Take Care of Our Own
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